Thanks to all who joined in
Please get back to the person who showed you HBN or this zoom


Kimberlywas live.

Great Coffee Talk

Thanks to all who joined in
Please get back to the person who showed you HBN or this zoom 

Hi everyone please put this on your calendar 🙂

Monday evening Coffee Talk

It’s an awesome weekly event. We will be doing it webinar style, live in The HBN “LEAP” Learn Earn And Prosper Group.

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Image may contain: possible text that says 'Coffee Talk Casual talk with leaders about HBN We have laughter, tears, just real stories from real people Invite your prospects. Everyone is welcomed This This opportunity is CHANGING lives Every Monday 6pm PST/8pm CST/9pm EST GB laturals'

So anyone who knows me knows I deal with pain on a daily basis yesterday I had an extremely long day at work and I’ve been had the most excruciating back pain from standing all day this morning I woke up still in pain and then I remembered that I got my order of 500 mg full spectrum hemp oil from my company I put one full dropper underneath my tongue per directions and put a little oil on my hands and rub it on my back and neck within 10 minutes the pain was gone I’ll be sure to keep ordering this product it’s definitely a lifesaver especially since I have to go in and work another long shift today also side note I’ve been giving this to my two youngest children who seem to have hyperactivity issues before school and I’ve had more good report since they’ve been using it orally just 10 drops two times a day for my 8 and 5 year old!!

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Jen ChampkenOh Happy Day!!! 😀😀

My Nova Smart Coffee  is here!!!

This really helps my energy, mental clarity, it helps my mood, I found it suppresses my appetite and I get NO jitters from this smooth tasting coffee!! I am excited to have this in my hot little hands now!! 😀

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